SM Entertainment Responds to Fan Backlash Over SHINee’s Fan Meet Venue

shinee fan meeting 2023
Credit: SM Entertainment

K-pop group SHINee’s upcoming 15th-anniversary fan meet is facing controversy as some fans express their dissatisfaction over seating arrangements and have voiced the possibility of a boycott.

The fan meeting, titled “Everyday is SHINee DAY’ : [Piece of SHINE]” is set to take place on May 27th at Hall 7, KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall in Ilsan. The event marks SHINee’s first meeting with fans in about four years and eight months since their military discharge, and it was expected to receive a hot response from their fandom, SHINee World.

However, some fans were dissatisfied with the venue and seating arrangements, with some seats having obstructed views. Fans criticized the unsuitable venue and seating arrangements and announced their boycott, demanding a change of venue, a direct apology, and feedback from the agency. They also held truck protests around SM Entertainment’s headquarters in Seongsu-dong.

SM Entertainment responded to the fans’ concerns with a notice, acknowledging the issue and providing plans to address the problem of limited visibility. The agency explained, “We sought to create a rare opportunity for fans to interact with the members in commemoration of the group’s 15th debut anniversary. To ensure a memorable experience for all, we meticulously reviewed the schedules of each member and the availability of fans to attend the event. We made arrangements for a venue that could comfortably accommodate at least 5,000 attendees over the weekend.”

The agency continued, “We regret to inform fans that our initial venue plans fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. Consequently, we had to opt for KINTEX as the only available venue that fit our tight schedule. We recognize that this may have caused some inconvenience to fans, and we humbly apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may have caused. We sincerely ask for your understanding and look forward to a successful 15th-anniversary fan meet with SHINee.

Despite SM Entertainment’s plans to address the limited visibility issue, a lot of fans are still unhappy with the current situation and have called for a stop to pre-sales. The pre-sale for SHINee’s fan meeting begins on May 2nd at 8 PM, and attention is focused on whether SM Entertainment will be able to resolve the conflict with another feedback before the event.

As fans began to voice their concerns and threats to boycott SHINee’s upcoming fan meeting, SM Entertainment took action by releasing a notice on the fan community platform, Gwangya Club. The agency stated, “We are currently searching for a new venue for the event, which is scheduled for May 27, 2023. We will provide an update to fans as soon as they receive a response.”

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