PICK: 5 Otherworldly Romance K-Dramas to Binge After ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’

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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Hana Lee

The first season of Tale of the Nine Tailed took viewers on a magical journey of a fantasy romance between a gumiho and a determined TV producer. And now, after three long years, the highly-anticipated second season, Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, is set to return in May. The upcoming season follows the story of gumiho Lee Yeon (played by Lee Dong Wook), who finally found love and happiness with Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) in the previous season. However, he unexpectedly gets caught up in an event and crash-lands in the year 1938, leading to a new set of challenges and adventures. The first season of Tale of the Nine Tailed was not the only K-drama to feature the thrilling dynamics of love between humans and non-humans. Other popular dramas like My Love From the Star, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and The Legend of the Blue Sea” have also explored this exciting theme. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at other dramas that feature romantic relationships between humans and non-humans. 

Doom at Your Service (2021)

Doom at Your Service depicts the love story between a woman (played by Park Bo Young) who has received a terminal diagnosis and the enigmatic god of death and destruction (played by Seo In Guk) with whom she enters a dangerous contract. Dong Kyung, who has been barely surviving without any hope or purpose, is diagnosed with a brain tumor, leading her to despair and even wish for the end of the world. Suddenly, Myul Mang appears in her life as if answering her wish, but she comes to realize, albeit belatedly, what truly makes life worth living. Meanwhile, Myul Mang, who has lived his entire existence with the specter of death looming over him, encounters Dong Kyung and learns to see the world in a new light driven by the purpose of fulfilling God’s plan. As they fall in love, they realize that one of them is fated to face death for the other. The poignant romance between two individuals willing to risk their lives to save each other from their inescapable fate leaves viewers’ hearts shattered.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021)

My Roommate Is a Gumiho tells the story of a 999-year-old gumiho named Shin Woo Yeo (played by Jang Ki Yong) and a 22-year-old college student named Lee Dam (Hyeri) who end up living together in the same house and fall in love. Shin Woo Yeo has been holding a magical bead for 999 years in order to become human. However, due to an unexpected accident, Lee Dam swallows his bead, and they begin living together. Unlike the original webtoon, the drama adds more fun by tweaking certain elements, such as Woo Yeo’s past, the time remaining for him to become human, and the color of the bead. Prior to its release, the pictorials of Hyeri and Jang Ki Young with 1st Look magazine garnered much attention for their chemistry as a couple.

My Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

My Absolute Boyfriend is a romantic drama that tells the story of a human and a robot falling in love. The story begins when a lover robot named Zero Nine (played by Yeo Jin Goo) is delivered to a special makeup artist named Dada (Bang Minah), who has been hurt by love. Based on a Japanese manga of the same name, the series depicts a robot born to love, a woman who values love the most, and a man who struggles to win love again, all striving to give and receive love. The poignant scene where Zero Nine, who is approaching the end of his life due to his growing emotions for Dada, refuses to be reset and chooses to stop working to preserve his memories with her leaves a deep impression on viewers and makes them reconsider the true meaning of love.

The Bride of Habaek 2017 (2017)

The Bride of Habaek 2017 is a romantic drama series based on Yoon Mi Kyung’s fantasy manhwa, which has been brought to modern-day Seoul in 2017. The story follows the extraordinary journey of Ha Baek, the Water God (played by Nam Joo Hyuk), who descends into the human world, and So Ah (Shin Se Kyung), a psychiatrist who unfortunately becomes a servant of the god. The series incorporates intriguing elements, such as Yeom Mi’s (Choi Woo Ri) dream and the mystery surrounding So Ah’s father’s identity, to enhance the original romantic plot between a deity and a human servant. Additionally, Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung’s stunning looks enhance the adaptation of the original manhwa. As the story progresses, viewers become curious about whether Ha Baek will return to the divine world or choose to stay with So Ah.

Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

Scholar Who Walks the Night is a fictional historical drama based on a webtoon that tells the story of a vampire-human love affair during the Joseon Dynasty. Yang Sun (played by Lee Yoo Bi), who dresses as a male bookseller, is drawn to the charming vampire scholar named Kim Sung Yeol (played by Lee Joon Gi), and he, too, falls for her while protecting her from danger. In the meantime, a complex romance unfolds, as Sung Yeol’s 120-year-old first love, Myung Hee (Kim So Eun), reappears and is rescued by him, while Soo Hyang (Jang Hee Jin) develops a crush on Sung Yeol because of his bravery, and Prince Sadong (Shim Chang Min) is attracted to Yang Sun. The plot also features a showdown between Sung Yeol and the evil vampire Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk), and Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal of the vampire scholar received praise for his mysterious and timeless appearance, as well as his stunning action scenes.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

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