Han So Hee’s Late-Night Blog Post Strikes a Chord with Fans

han so hee blog
han so hee blog
Credit: Han So Hee Blog

Han So Hee’s heartfelt blog post has caught the attention.


On April 27th, Han So Hee posted a lengthy blog post on her personal blog. She began by saying, “Are you all doing well? It’s a little late at night, but I’m writing this post before going to bed. I wanted to write something (here) at least once a year.”

The actress then shared a personal anecdote about a taxi ride, where she asked the driver, “Why is life so difficult?” She continued, “The driver answered me, ‘Wouldn’t it be boring if you were always happy?’ But I just answered him, ‘I just want to be bored.'”

han so hee blog
Credit: Han So Hee Blog

In a heartfelt message, Han So Hee shared, “How is everyone’s life? Are you all just happy? For me, there are times when I feel overwhelmed, times when I feel at peace, and times when I live life just right,” and added, “I want to see you all as Chae Ok soon, and I guess turning 30 makes me feel like time is too precious to waste.”

Along with this, Han So Hee shared her recent gaming activities, her own artwork, photos capturing the seasons, and selfies.

Furthermore, the actress expressed, “Anyway, I wanted to tell you all that I’m doing well,” and showed her love for her fans by saying, “I was so upset that I couldn’t receive all of the letters and gifts you sent because I only have two arms.”

Han So Hee then concluded her post by writing, “I’m leaving this message at 3 AM on April 27th,” and continued, “I hope that we all live well or at least quite well. Even if we’re not always happy, let’s avoid being unhappy.”

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