Song Ha Yoon and Super Junior’s Lee Dong Hae Team Up in Highly Anticipated Drama Adaptation of a Beloved Cartoon

Oh Young Sim
Credit: ENA

Fans of the popular webtoon series Yeongsimi will soon be able to see their favorite characters brought to life on the small screen in the upcoming drama adaptation Oh! Young-Sim (literal title).

Premiering on the 15th of next month, this romantic comedy drama follows the story of childhood friends, Young Sim and Kyung Tae, who reunite as adults after 20 years.

The recently unveiled poster for Oh! Young-Sim (literal title) has been generating buzz among fans of the original webtoon series. Featuring Song Ha Yoon and Lee Dong Hae, who bear a striking resemblance to their animated counterparts, the poster adds to the sense of nostalgia by including the characters Young Sim and Kyung Tae in animated form. The tagline “You, who reappeared after 20 years!” hits home for those who grew up watching the cartoon “Yeongsimi,” and has heightened anticipation for the upcoming drama adaptation.

The 30-second trailer for Oh! Young-Sim (literal title) has been released, and it’s already creating a stir among fans of the original webtoon series. The trailer opens with the familiar opening music of the cartoon Yeongsimi, and features the character of Young Sim, played by Song Ha Yoon, asking, “Do you know Oh Young Sim?” Despite her passion for the program, Young Sim faces setbacks when her TV program is canceled. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she reunites with her childhood friend Wang Kyung Tae, played by Super Junior’s Lee Dong Hae, who has now become the CEO of a promising startup, but was once a shy, glasses-wearing boy. The trailer briefly shows Young Sim and Kyung Tae’s changed appearance, with Young Sim sporting her iconic red ribbons. This sneak peek has fans eagerly anticipating the drama’s premiere.

The production team behind the series has expressed their excitement for the upcoming drama adaptation. They’ve praised the chemistry between the cast, who brought a fun and empathetic approach to their roles while staying true to the original cartoon characters. The team also aims to blend romantic comedy and empathy in the narrative, to support the present-day Young Sim and Kyung Tae.

The show is set to premiere on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA at 10 PM on the 15th of next month.

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