IU Opens Up About Fear of Receiving Phone Calls

iu yoo in na
iu yoo in na
Credit: IU’s Youtube

IU recently opened up about her fear of getting phone calls.

On April 3rd, a video clip titled “We Will Be Happier (With Yoo In Na)” was uploaded on her YouTube channel. She happily introduced her best friend, Yoo In Na, saying, “Let me introduce my best friend, Yoo In Na,” to which Yoo In Na replied, “Thank you for inviting me.”

Although IU and Yoo In Na are well-known to be close friends in the entertainment industry, they revealed in the video that they have never traveled together. IU stated, “Although we had thought about going on a trip together, our schedules never seemed to align.” Yoo In Na said, “You don’t like to travel that much, do you? I thought I loved to travel, but I never put my thoughts into action,” pointing out their similarities. IU responded, “Honestly, I don’t like traveling. I just feel like I lose my energy the moment I leave my house.”

During their hangout, the celebrities were also seen playing games. When asked about their longest phone call, Yoo In Na revealed that hers only lasted for 3 minutes. IU, on the other hand, shared that she’s not very comfortable with phone calls in general. “Even calling my mom makes me a bit uncomfortable,” she admitted. “The only person I feel relaxed talking to on the phone is my manager. I think it’s because we have so much to talk about. I actually have a hard time talking on the phone with In Na too. To be honest, I have difficulty talking over the phone with anybody,” she confessed, revealing her phone phobia.

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