‘The Glory’: Why Fans Are Raving About Song Hye Kyo and Jung Sung Il’s Love Story

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Dong Eun
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The Glory has been generating buzz lately, mainly because it marks the first thriller project from writer Kim Eun Sook and actress Song Hye Kyo. The show’s well-crafted narrative and revenge plot have received a lot of praise. One of the most talked-about aspects of the show is the complex romantic relationships between the characters. Specifically, viewers are interested in the characters Ju Yeo Jeong (played by Lee Do Hyun) and Ha Do Young (played by Jung Sung Il) and their feelings toward Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), the character seeking genius revenge.

One of the most memorable scenes in The Glory is when Moon Dong Eun and Ha Do Young first meet in the Go place. Additionally, the line “I’ll do it. I’ll be your headsman,” which Ju Yeo Jeong says to her, has become a famous quote from the show. Looking back at these two scenes, the writer of the hit series revealed the feelings the two men have towards Moon Dong Eun.

Dong Eun and Yeo Jung
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The love between Ju Yeo Jeong and Moon Dong Eun

Kim Eun Sook referred to the love between Ju Yeo Jeong and Moon Dong Eun as “truly insane.” In the show, Moon Dong Eun joins forces with Ju Yeo Jeong in her quest for revenge, and their story comes to a close. They travel to the prison where Kang Young Cheon (played by Lee Moo Saeng), the target of Yeo Jeong’s revenge, is held, and they declare their love for each other by saying, “I love you.” Kim Eun Sook explained, “Ju Yeo Jeong and Dong Eun are both headed towards hell together like they are heading towards heaven,” emphasizing that and they are each other’s salvation.

Dong Eun and Do Young
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The feelings Ha Do Young had for Moon Dong Eun

Ha Do Young’s love for Dong Eun is different. The author revealed that Ha Do Young’s feelings were captured in the line when he said to Dong Eun, “I hate saying don’t know something, but I don’t know yet.”

Kim explained, “Ha Do Young is valuable to Dong Eun as he is Yeon Jin’s husband. So, if he leaves his wife, he has no reason to see Dong Eun anymore, so at that time, he couldn’t make the decision she wanted.” She continued, “When he eats a kimbap at the convenient store, he realizes he had feelings for Dong Eun.”

In the series, Ha Do Young is portrayed as a materialistic character who has not yet realized the pure values of life. Despite this, he stayed beside Yeon Jin solely for the purpose of being able to see Dong Eun again, without considering anything else. This particular moment deeply touched the hearts of many viewers of the show.

After the buzz surrounding the mature and sexy visuals of Jung Sung Il and Song Hye Kyo, fans speculated about Do Young’s feelings as they analyzed their chemistry. When Kim Eun Sook’s commentary was made public, various online communities were flooded with reactions such as ‘Ha Do Young was in love!’ and ‘I love the electrifying chemistry between Ha Do Young and Moon Dong Eun.’

Fans were overjoyed with the highly-anticipated emotional development of Ha Do Young, with comments such as “It’s such a crazy twist for Do Young to have feelings for someone he shouldn’t be with,” “Turns out, that Do Young left Yeon Jin late because he liked Dong Eun so much,” and “It’s so entertaining how Yeon Jin and Do Young have different approaches to love.”

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