(G)I-DLE Members on What They Felt Like After Soojin’s Exit from the Group

Credit: Mnet

The members of (G)I-DLE revealed what it was like after Soojin left the act.

On the 29th, the girls appeared on Mnet’s Mnet Prime Show and were asked about Soojin’s departure from the group in March of last year after the school violence scandal.

Soyeon confessed, “If one of the protagonists in the cartoons or the movie is suddenly changed, or they disappear – that really doesn’t happen. Let’s say one of the protagonists suddenly exits. I actually think that drama wouldn’t make a hit. So I thought that it would be hard for us to make a hit.”

The leader also recalled the time the act was gearing up for their first comeback after the incident with the “TOMBOY.” She said, “I thought I had to write the best song I can. Whether it’s good or bad attention, we’ll get noticed by people at least once. But I thought that if we do well at that time, we could really bounce back.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the members reflected on the time they promoted solo during the ongoing scandal. Minnie reminisced, “It was the toughest time since my debut. I thought, ‘Can I go back to Korea again? I can, right?’ I was so worried. I really missed my members.” Yuqi revealed that she felt a burden and said, “‘I miss my members.’ This was the first thing on my mind. That’s because I’ve never been alone for this long since my debut.”

In February 2021, allegations that Soojin was a perpetrator of school violence surfaced in online communities, and a post containing claims that Soojin verbally abused a friend spread rapidly. As a result, Soojin halted all activities from March 2021 and left (G)I-DLE in August of that year.

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