3 Highlights of Upcoming Netflix Action Movie ‘Kill Boksoon’

kill boksoon netflix

Kill Boksoon follows Gil Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon), a legendary killer in the business and a single mother struggling with parenting, as she gets caught up in an unavoidable confrontation right before renewing her contract with the company. This highly-anticipated movie will be released on Netflix at 4PM KST.

#The Thrilling World of Killers of MK ENT

kill boksoon netflix
Credit: Netflix

Set in the background of MK ENT, which has grown contract killing into a legitimate global business, Kill Boksoon depicts the diverse stories of unique killers. The film’s unique hitman universe, where the assassination company is referred to as “Entertainment,” the hit job is a “work,” and the assassination plan is a “scenario,” is enough to catch the audience’s attention. Additionally, the movie offers a variety of attractive features, including the three-dimensional narratives of individual characters with their own stories, refreshing acting ensembles of actors who perfectly embody their characters, and unconventional stunts never seen before in Korean action films.

#Actors’ Irreplaceable Synergy

kill boksoon netflix
Credit: Netflix

One of the movie’s highlights is the unbeatable synergy of actors who completely disappeared into their roles. From Jeon Do Yeon and Sul Kyung Gu to Kim Sia, Esom, and Koo Kyo Hwan, the actors’ distinct presence is felt in their fresh acting ensemble. Jeon Do Yeon, who plays Gil Bok Soon, the best hitman in the industry, pulls off flashy stunts and depicts the struggle as a woman leading a double life as a hitman and a mother. Sul Kyung Gu, who shows limitless acting skills regardless of genre, showcases ruthless actions as MK ENT’s CEO, Cha Min Kyu. Kim Sia, who plays Gil Bok Soon’s daughter, Gil Jae Young, portrays a confident character with a turbulent relationship with her mother and friends. Esom, who plays Cha Min Kyu’s sister and MK ENT director, Cha Min Hee, completes a unique character with her unique storytelling power, adding vitality to the movie. Lastly, Koo Kyo Hwan, who is loved for his irreplaceable charm, plays the MK ENT hitman Hee Sung, depicting his complex inner struggles against the insurmountable ranking system (within the hitman agency), although he likes and respects Gil Bok Soon.

#Unique Worldview with Thrilling Stunts

kill boksoon netflix
Credit: Netflix

Another highlight is the unique universe of Kill Boksoon that came to life with limitless imagination, including the killer society and the range of various weapons. The movie’s unique world is based on the concept of a “parallel universe,” where a giant hitman company exists in the heart of Seoul. Director Byun Sung Hyun devoted himself to presenting action scenes that would stick in viewers’ minds, starting with the scenario work and sketching out the scenes in his head, which he then completed through organic collaboration with the cinematographer, martial arts director, and art director. Jeon Do Yeon also spent a long time training and lifting weights to perfect the action scenes of the best hitman. Sul Kyung Gu also pulled off a tireless performance while filming action scenes for three to four days, adding realism to his character. Kill Boksoon utilized “robot arms,” which are capable of precise and rapid shooting, to create unique and polished action scenes that fully immerse the viewers and leave them awestruck.

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Source: Netflix

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