Yoo Ah In Breaks His Silence and Apologizes for Drug Use

Yoo Ah In
yoo ah in drug
Credit: Yonhap

Yoo Ah In has recently admitted to some drug-related charges against him.

On March 27th, Yoo Ah In appeared in front of reporters after being investigated at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit. He bowed to the cameras and spoke publicly about his drug scandal for the first time.

The star stated, “I provided the information that I was able to share during the investigation. I am deeply remorseful for my actions, which have unfortunately led to this situation and let down many of the people who have supported me. Sorry for any disappointment or harm I caused.”

“I received many questions about the circumstances related to the incident reported in the media. I answered truthfully to the best of my knowledge,” he added. “The investigation is still ongoing, so I cannot disclose everything. I had been trapped in a swamp of self-justification, believing that my deviant behavior would not harm anyone.”

yoo ah in drug
Credit: Yonhap

The star also expressed regret for not making a statement sooner, saying, “I’m sorry for taking so long to speak up. I know it must have been uncomfortable for those waiting for an explanation, but I want to use this experience as a chance to live a healthier life that I haven’t been able to. I’m truly sorry for letting you down.” He then added, “I think I’ve said everything I can for now,” before leaving the scene.

Yoo Ah In was also seen crying as he spoke about his situation.

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