Lee Do Hyun Expresses Gratitude to IU and Shares Heartwarming Stories About His Family

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Lee Do Hyun appeared on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block and talked about his family and his previous project.

The actor expressed his gratitude to his Hotel Del Luna co-star, IU. “She encouraged me a lot by telling me to put my heart and soul into filming one scene,” he stated.

He also said that he used to ask people around him to slap him if he appeared arrogant. “You shouldn’t say that because you will get slapped all the time,” he joked, making everyone laugh. “I’m trying to keep the same mindset I had back when I first started.”

Lee Do Hyun discussed his previous project Youth of May and stated that he felt more pressure about his role because the drama was based on a true event. During an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony, he mentioned his younger brother, who has developmental disabilities. Lee Do Hyun said, “My brother does not have any friends to spend time with, so my parents take care of him. I regret not being able to hang out with him due to my filming schedule and promised him that I would make it up to him once the filming is over.”

“Whenever I’m with my younger brother, I feel like I become pure-hearted too, as if any impurities in me are stripped away. The only thing that’s a little disappointing is that his phone wallpaper is a girl group.” Lee Do Hyun said, making everyone laugh.

Lee Do Hyun shared that he started working part-time during high school, saying, “My mother had been delivering newspapers for a long time, and I wanted to help her, so we shared the work. The working hours varied depending on how much work we had. My mother would go out at 1 PM, come back home at 8 PM, and then go to work again at a restaurant. She would only sleep for about an hour before going to take care of the children, and she only got about four hours of sleep a night. I feel sorry for her because she worked too much.”

The actor mentioned that he recently moved from the house where he had lived for 20 years. He shared, “I’ve never seen my mother that happy before. Although it’s not my own house, I love how spacious it is, especially the larger windows with better ventilation. Lately, my mother’s face has brightened up, and her wrinkles have disappeared.”

Lee Do Hyun also shared his previous desire to become financially stable. “Now that I have paid off all my debts and moved to a new house, I can financially support my parents. However, they are still working, and I hope they can enjoy their hobbies and relax for the remainder of their lives,” he expressed while showing his love for them.

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