Kim Hye Soo Confesses She Considered Retiring After Finishing ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’

kim hye soo under the queen's umbrella
Kim Hye Soo
Credit: YouTube “by PDC”

Kim Hye Soo opened up about the effort she put into the drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella in an interview on Song Yoon Ah‘s YouTube channel “by PDC.”

After talking about many behind-the-scenes stories about Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Kim Hye Soo confessed, “The filming and production lasted 9 months. During that time, I didn’t do or see anything, not even my friends. All I did was concentrate on my script.” She went on, “It’s a natural thing as an actress, but honestly, it was excruciating. The best thing about finishing the drama was the thought – ‘I don’t have to stay up memorize my lines tonight.'”

She continued, “This is what I thought while working on Under the Queen’s Umbrella. I’m not someone who wants to live millions of years, but it felt like I lost three years of my life filming this drama. But I don’t regret that.” She added, “There are things I could’ve done better and we know when we feel ‘I’ll never perfect this scene.’ But despite all that, I have no regrets. I’ve done everything I could at that moment.”

At the end, Kim Hye Soo opened up, “It was a lonely battle,” and carefully added, “It is not me whining, but I even thought, ‘I should stop here. It’s time to quit.’ But (even if I work that hard,) the audience thinks, ‘She’s Kim Hye Soo, that level of performance is expected.’ I don’t think they’re too strict or harsh with me. It’s only natural. But I must admit, it was lonely.”

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