Han Ga In Reveals How She Raised Her Gifted Children

han ga in children
han ga in children
Credit: BH Entertainment

Han Ga In shared the secret to raising her two gifted children during a live broadcast where she interacted with fans.

The star received questions from fans about parenting methods, to which she replied, “I read a lot of books to them.” It was reported that her first daughter is in the top 1 percent of gifted children. She mentioned, “There have been many articles about my first daughter’s IQ test results. Recently, we had the younger one tested and she also got very high scores,” expressing her surprise.

The actress revealed, “To be honest, I couldn’t give as much attention to my second child as I did to the first because I was too busy. However, I believe that exposing her to as many books as possible greatly helped her development. Reading has been a source of comfort for both of them, even on stressful days. They enjoy reading books for fun and relaxation, and I think that played a significant role in their growth.”

When asked about whom the children resemble the most, she replied, “Since my first child is a girl, she resembles her father more, while my second child, who is a boy, resembles me more.”

The actress revealed, “I have so many pictures of my children on my phone because they are just so cute. I would love to show them to everyone if I have the chance. I always want to share their videos too, but I’m afraid it might cause harm to my children, so I can’t.”

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