Former South Korean President’s Grandson Exposes Family’s Criminal Activities

chun doo hwan family
chun doo hwan family
Credit: Chun Woo Won Instagram

Chun Woo Won, the second son of Chun Jae Yong and the grandson of former South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan, exposed his family and acquaintances’ criminal activities through his social media account.

The grandson of the former president, who claimed to be working at a New York-based accounting firm, proved his identity as a member of the Chun family by releasing documents such as a property inheritance renunciation letter.


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Chun shared a childhood photo of himself with his grandfather and revealed that his father, Chun Jae Yong, had falsified documents to obtain US citizenship.

He also urged the public to help prevent his father from evading the law, claiming he was using concealed funds in the US. He further stated, “I am also guilty, and I am prepared to face the consequences for my wrongdoings.”


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Sinner(@hope.with.jesus)님의 공유 게시물

Chun Woo Won proved his identity by posting family photos, including a photo with the Chun family, his passport photo and his student ID.

He went on to disclose his mental health diagnosis and medical records, claiming that “My family will try to frame me as ‘crazy’.” He added, “I have been diagnosed with depression and ADHD since January last year, and I have received treatment for it. I was hospitalized for a while, but I have been doing well for the past few months since being discharged.”

In another video, he said, “Just now, 10 police officers came to my house and conducted a search based on a report from my brother. The police acknowledged that there was no problem, and I plan to resume my activities from now on.”


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Sinner(@hope.with.jesus)님의 공유 게시물

He also mentioned his uncle, Chun Jae Man.

He said, “Chun Jae Man is currently running a winery in Napa Valley, California,” and added, “Running a winery requires a substantial amount of capital, and I wonder where he got the money from.”

chun doo hwan family
Credit: Chun Woo Won Instagram

Chun also revealed the identities, pictures and personal information of individuals he knew who had engaged in illegal activities, including sexual assault, drug use, and fraudulent admission to schools, in addition to his own family.

The names and suspicions of more than 15 people, ranging from pickup artists known for sexual crimes to Apple TV employees who used cocaine and marijuana, and those involved in college admission-related misconduct, were revealed. Some of the posts were deleted after being reported.

In 2006, Chun Jae Yong was sentenced to three years in prison with a four-year stay of execution and a fine of 4 billion won ($3 million) by the Supreme Court for allegedly creating a slush fund and evading taxes in the process of selling off a piece of land in Osan City.

Chun paid only 3.5 percent of his 4 billion won fine and was subsequently required to perform forced labor for eight hours a day over the course of two years and eight months at Wonju Correctional Institution, where he received a daily wage of 4 million won ($3K). This practice was referred to as “Emperor’s labor” by many people and stirred up a significant amount of controversy.

In April 1997, former South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan was convicted by the Supreme Court on charges of rebellion, sedition, murder for political purposes and bribery, and was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to pay fines amounting to 220.5 billion won ($169 million). In the aftermath of the conviction, prosecutors seized Chun’s assets totaling 31.3 billion won ($23.9 million). However, Chun failed to pay the imposed fine following his release through a special pardon and disclosed that he only had 290,000 won ($222) in his bank account during a hearing in April 2003.

Chun’s Father Speaks Out Amidst Controversy

Chun’s father, Chun Jae Yong, made a statement amidst the controversy, saying, “My son has suffered a lot from depression. Until last week, I asked him how he was doing every week, but he suddenly changed on Monday the 13th.” He also added, “I knew about the posts on Instagram, but I couldn’t stop him. I feel really sorry for the people who were affected.”

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