Fans Shocked by YG’s Announcement Regarding BABYMONSTER’s Lineup

babymonster final members
babymonster final members

Fans had mixed reactions after watching the new teaser video about YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group, BABYMONSTER.

Titled BABYMONSTER – ‘Last Evaluation’ TEASER, the video was released at midnight on March 6th. In it, some of YG’s artists, including BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jennie and AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun, praised BABYMONSTER’s performance, with Lisa saying, “It was really fresh. I think they are good artists,” and Lee commenting, “How can they sing like this at this age? They are all so good overall.”

YG’s executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, also appeared in the video and declared, “BABYMONSTER will never be a 7-member group. It will definitely be less than 7,” to the members waiting on stage.

He went on to say,”Just before announcing the BABYMONSTER members, we will reveal the evaluation held at the end of the month to fans in order to select the best elite members through the final evaluation,” hinting at the elimination of some members through the final evaluation.

babymonster final members

Global K-pop fans were shocked after hearing the announcement, with many wishing for the group to keep its current members. Korean fans also showed a similar reaction to the recent announcement.

The group’s debut date has not been announced yet.

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