BTS’ Suga Talks About His Early Struggles and Determination to Debut

suga before bts
suga before bts

BTS’ Suga reflected on his life before fame.

On March 2nd, a video titled Ep.6 SUGA With Lee Sung Min was uploaded on BANGTANTV, in which Lee Sung Min guest appeared.

In the video, Lee Sung Min shared his experience of working in the theater industry before his debut, which reminded Suga of his own early days. Suga said, “I remembered getting a job at a music studio and handing out posters when I was in high school.”

Suga also revealed that he had been paid only $115 for his work in a performance, and there were a total of seven members on the team. Worse yet, they were given items or concert tickets instead of money as their daily wages.

“I didn’t even get paid properly for performing and handing out flyers,” Suga shared. “My basement studio would leak when it rained. I used to collect pieces of abandoned furniture because I did not have enough money to buy them. I formed a makeshift bed with a trashed mattress and pursued my music career under such harsh conditions.”

Suga explained that during that time, producer Bang Si Hyuk set up a new company called Big Hit, and Suga saw their audition poster right then and there. He came to Seoul for the audition, passed it, and debuted as a member of BTS.

He shared how much he had wanted to become a singer, saying, “I desperately wanted to debut and see myself appearing on TV one day. I wanted to see my three or four years of perseverance pay off.”

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