IU Opens Up About Being in Her 30s and Her First Drama in 4 Years

iu new drama
iu new drama
Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR Korea

IU made the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.

For this upcoming pictorial, IU took photos under the concept of “duality” – IU the icon and Lee Ji Eun the human. From no makeup to dark smokey makeup, the singer showcased various sides of her that coexist within her.

In the interview that followed, IU talked about why she chose You Have Done Well (literal title) as her comeback project after four years. “I enjoyed writer Im Sang Chun’s previous works, and it was refreshing to see the original story (You Have Done Well) was telling. I just read the words, but it was amazing to see how it made me feel. As someone who likes to read and write, I was jealous of her talent,” IU shared.

She added, “The topic was good, but I especially liked the fact that it lightly conveys a heavy story. Ae Soon seems like someone you’ll find around you, but if you look closely, she’s got so much individuality that makes her stand out. I guess I’m drawn to people like that.”

iu new drama
Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR Korea
iu new drama
Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR Korea

IU then shared openly about being in her 30s. She said, “There’s no exaggeration in saying that I spent my 20s worrying about my ‘direction.’ I enjoyed those intense worries, but frankly, they were also tiring. After reaching my 30s, I don’t particularly have a direction in mind. Floating around – perhaps that itself can be my direction.”

The singer went on, “I thought ‘I want to keep this thought’ and ‘It’s fun to live like this’ throughout last year. On the other hand, it was a year full of fun events apart from my mind which was at ease. When I get older and look back on now, I’m sure my 30s would’ve just cast adrift.”

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