Kim Heechul Accused of Hypocrisy Despite Recent Apology

Kim Heechul controversy
Kim Heechul controversy
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Kim Heechul recently appeared on BJ Choi Goon’s live stream. In addition to his cursing rant, the singer brought up several sensitive topics, sparking a heated controversy.

One of the topics he shared his thoughts on was school violence/bullies. Using constant swear words, Kim Heechul stressed, “All those school bully b****s should get beat up; they have to be f*** beaten with a bat. Don’t live like that.”

Yesterday, the singer posted an apology. He wrote, “Regardless of whether I am right or wrong, I apologize for overusing harsh language and vulgar expressions.” However, he didn’t back down on some of his remarks and continued, “However, no matter how much I look back at this, I don’t think there is anything wrong with swearing about school bullies and a certain website. Thank you.”

Soon after, Kim Heechul was pointed out as a hypocrite since he was presiding at a wedding for Haneul, an influencer and a shopping mall CEO. Haneul was embroiled in a school bullying controversy and admitted to her wrongdoings, but many continue to criticize her for labeling her actions as merely the result of her immaturity. Her past bullying came to light again when she deleted all the related comments after Netflix’s The Glory became a hit.

Kim Heechul controversy
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Moreover, the singer failed to address a few other controversial topics that he brought up during the streaming, which led to more criticisms in his “half-hearted” apology.

The first thing is Kim Heechul’s mention of him missing Super Junior’s performance at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta to attend Choi Goon’s birthday party on the same day. Then he added that SM came up with the excuse of “health issues” for his absence from the event, shocking the fans.

Secondly, while cursing out the school bullies, he brought up Cha Eun Woo, who has nothing to do with the issue. Kim Heechul said, “I’m very close to Cha Eun Woo, and he’s a macho man. If Cha Eun Woo had talked about school violence, he’d have cursed even more than me. He’d had told me, ‘Bro, bring those b****es to me,’ and’ slapped them silly.” His sudden words confused the viewers and Cha Eun Woo’s fans.

Then there’s what he said about his former groupmate Kangin. Stressing that Kangin is a “tough guy,” Kim Heechul said that Kangin’s assault in 2009 happened because a thug sitting at the next table was rude to his lady friend. “Our Kangin made some trouble and he should be told off. I told him off a lot too, but he’s unfairly treated too.” However, this “tough guy” Kangin was accused of assaulting a woman in 2017 after he hit a woman who claimed to be his girlfriend at the time. Apart from the two assault cases, Kangin was also caught drunk driving twice, which led to his exit from Super Junior.

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