K-pop Artists that Garnered 100 Million Views Last Year – Which Continues Contributed the Most?

most popular kpop idol
most popular kpop idol
Credit: EDAM Entertainment, Big Hit

From January 7th, 2022 to January 7th, 2023, a total of 22 singers were found to have been viewed more than 100 million times in Korea. The number added up all the views for their official music videos, lyric videos, and various videos edited by YouTube users.

BTS is, without a doubt, the world’s most-viewed K-pop group, but Korean listeners’ first choice was IU. Last year, IU’s music-related content was consumed 449 million times in Korea. This is the equivalent of everyone in Korea listening to IU’s music 8 to 9 times per year.

most popular kpop idol
Credit: Joongang

Just like last year, about half of IU’s music sales (48%) were in Korea. At the same time, it’s gaining support evenly from various parts of the world. It’s unusual for a K-pop solo singer without “group dance” to gain such popularity with ballad music.

Lim Young Woong, the trot hero, got the second-most viewers among Korean listeners, beating the superstar BTS. The singer’s fandom is concentrated in Korea.

BTS garnered 352 million views in Korea. On a global scale, the septet recorded an overwhelming 7.97 billion views, and the country that contributed the most to these views was Japan following the previous year. About 11.5% of those who enjoyed BTS’ music through YouTube are in Japan; the list follows – India (9.7%), Mexico (8.2%), America (6.5%), Indonesia (6.1%), Brazil (4.8%), and the Philippines (4.5%).

most popular kpop idol
Credit: Joongang

In the past 12 months, IVE (344 million) has beaten out BLACKPINK (326 million) in Korea. If you add up the views around the world, BLACKPINK has an overwhelmingly higher number, but the views collected in Korea are slightly lower.

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