Speculations Surface that CIX’s Bae Jinyoung Is Getting Shunned by Members and Fans

cix bae jinyoung
cix bae jinyoung
Credit: C9 Entertainment

Suspicion is rising that Bae Jinyoung is getting shunned by other CIX members and some disrespectful fans.

Recently, a post about the maltreatment Bae Jin Young is receiving went viral on social media and online communities. And especially, the video of him getting booed by fans on the stage during the group’s overseas tour became a hot potato.

In the video, when Bae Jinyoung tries to speak, some fans start calling out the name of another member. Whenever the singer tried to speak, fans shouted names, preventing him from speaking. Ultimately, he gave up even when it was his turn to speak. To make matters worse, one member standing next to Bae Jinyoung was spotted laughing after this whole charade.

The person who shared the clip wrote, “Just wanna say that the level of disrespect I saw from fans towards Jinyoung last night was so upsetting. He even gave up on his ment (comment) and let Hyunsuk take over…”

It’s speculated that the reason for the disrespect toward the idol is that he was a member of Wanna One, a project group that debuted through Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. The group disbanded when the contract ended, and Bae Jinyoung returned to his label C9 Entertainment and re-debuted as a member of CIX. One fan explained, “CIX fans were ostracizing Bae Jinyoung for five years because he was in Wanna One and he’s popular. The other CIX members just watched (him getting bullied).”

As the rumors of Bae Jinyoung getting ignored by fans and members caught people’s attention, the old footage that caught the moment he was hit by water bottles thrown by fans also grabbed the attention.

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