Preview: Park Hyung Sik’s New Mysterious Romance Drama ‘Our Blooming Youth’

our blooming youth park hyung sik
our blooming youth park hyung sik
Credit: tvN

Here’s a sneak peek preview of what will happen in Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee’s new romance drama Our Blooming Youth.

Our Blooming Youth tells the mysterious love story of a cursed crown prince and a genius girl who is suspected of killing her entire family. 

Crown Prince Lee Hwan (played by Park Hyung Sik) and lady Min Jae Yi (Jeon So Nee) face crises in their lives: Hwan falls under a curse and Jae Yi becomes falsely accused of murdering her entire family. The teasers hint at their fateful first encounter, and here’s what will really be waiting for the two in the series.

our blooming youth park hyung sik

Credit: tvN

1. Crown Prince Lee Hwan receives a book containing all the curses in the world.

Lee Hwan, who becomes crown prince after the death of his older brother Eui Hyeon, receives an eerie gift named the Book of Ghosts on the day of his crowning. The unknown, ominous document signals a twisted fate waiting to happen in his life. Worse yet, powerful royal vassals are busy tarnishing his reputation, and the powerless King (Lee Jong Hyuk) does not allow a little bit of disgrace to be brought to his family. The newly appointed prince has no option but to risk losing his place if what the strange book says is revealed.

Lee Hwan will fight desperately to figure out who sent him the book of ghosts. What will be in the book that threatens the nation? Will he be able to save him from the terrible curse?

our blooming youth park hyung sik
Credit: tvN

2. Min Jae Yi goes into hiding after getting accused of killing her entire family

The whole story about how her entire family was killed is something to watch out for in the new drama. Min Jae Yi does not hesitate to dress as a man to clear her name after being falsely accused of killing her family. The teaser video raises curiosity as Jae Yi is spotted dressed as a eunuch in the palace around prince Lee Hwan. With no hint of a clash between the two, viewers are left wondering why she went to see him while seeking the truth behind the murder case.

Our Blooming Youth will premiere on February 6th. 

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