The Biggest Celebrity Scandals Over the Last Decade: Kim Seon Ho, Lee Byung Hun and More

Credit: KBS

KBS’s Entertainment Weekly covered the shocking celebrity scandals from the past decade.

The first on the list was Kim Hyun Joong, who’s long suffered from the controversy over his private life. He sparked a scandal of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2014, then got into a paternity lawsuit the following year. The scandal concluded when the singer won the case and his ex-girlfriend was fined. Last year, he announced his marriage and the birth of his son, but he’s solely focusing on his music career and non-broadcast activities.

Lee Byung Hun is a star who overcame the biggest scandal. In 2015, Lee (a model) and Kim (a female idol) demanded a large sum of money from the actor, blackmailing him with the videos they took of him. The court sentenced Lee and Kim to a year in the first trial, which got reduced to a probation period in the appeal. After the scandal, Lee Byung Hun apologized and overcame the controversy with his outstanding acting prowess.

Kim Seon Ho also got swept up in a controversy over his private life. In 2021, his girlfriend Choi claimed he forced her to get an abortion and gaslighted her during their time together. Kim Seon Ho admitted to (some of) her claims and issued an official apology. After nine months of hiatus, the actor made his comeback in a theater play. By the end of last year, he signaled his grand comeback, taking home multiple awards at various award ceremonies.

Credit: KBS

Meanwhile, both UN members got swept up in controversies. Recently, man A wrote that his wife B cheated on him with Choi Jung Won. His claim was that Choi Jung Won continued to meet B, his ex-girlfriend, even when he knew that she was now married. However, the actor-singer vehemently refuted the allegation, stating that B is just a close friend and nothing more and that A constantly threatened him.

To which A clapped back, releasing a memorandum his wife wrote where she admitted to having an affair with Choi Jung Won, her boyfriend from the past. And he added that all he did was file a lawsuit against Choi Jung Won for damages of 50 million won (about $40,500) and that he’s never blackmailed the former UN member. Choi Jung Won hasn’t released any statement.

His former teammate Kim Jung Hoon also was embroiled in a controversy over his dating life in 2019. He got sued after forcing his ex-girlfriend to terminate her pregnancy. When this surfaced, the now-actor came heavily under fire since he pretended to be single for two years on the dating show he appeared on. The case closed when the woman dropped the lawsuit, and Kim Jung Hoon recently resumed his activities, hosting fan meetings, but it was reported on the 18th that he recently lost a lawsuit he filed against his ex-girlfriend.


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