‘The Point Men’ Director on Hyun Bin Playing NIS Agent, His Shower Scene, and More

hyun bin the point man


hyun bin the point man
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Director Lim Soon Rye dished on working with Hyun Bin in her new action movie The Point Men.

The Point Men follows a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who risk their lives on foreign soil to save Koreans being held hostage by the Taliban. The story is based onthe 2007 South Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan when 23 South Korean missionaries were captured and held hostage.

“Many people told me Hyun Bin looks more like a diplomat and Hwang Jung Min suits a wacko NIS agent more. But I wanted to give Hyun Bin a role with a different vibe,” Director Lim candidly opened up. “He’s mostly played beautiful roles, but I wanted to show him playing a rough, free-spirited yet lonely man living in the Middle East rather than a typical NIS agent we’ve always seen.”

hyun bin the point man
Credit: Plus M Entertainment

In The Point Men, there is Hyun Bin’s shower scene and a flashback scene that’ll remind people of the actor’s younger days. “Actors have their own so-called ‘branding.’ Fans expect certain things from their stars, and I’m not so clueless about what they want, so I tried incorporating what I could into the movie. Of course, I wouldn’t have if the actor said no, not Hyun Bin so willingly did (the scenes).”

Director Lim then added about Hyun Bin’s transformation into a tough guy. “Hyun Bin wanted to look different, so he had put a lot of thought into his appearance like beard, hairstyle, and clothes,” she shared. “We were worried how the female audience would react to his beard after being used to his shaved face, but I think they liked it.”

Hyun Bin has once again pulled off action sequences for The Point Men. “Hyun Bin’s done a lot of action stunts in Confidential Assignment and other movies,” Director Lim commented. “And the action team we worked with was the team Hyun Bin’s always worked with. So they were practically ‘Hyun Bin’ himself.”

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