What to Look Out for in Song Hye Kyo’s ‘The Glory’ Season 2

the glory season 2
the glory season 2
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s The Glory is trending big time worldwide on social media.

As of January 11th, The Glory topped the top ten global list of non-English series, recording a cumulative 82.48 million watch hours.

Here are a few things to know about the series before the part 2 arrives in March.

the glory season 2
Credit: Netflix
Symbols of Each Character

Moon Dong Eun: fog and a polar night

The childhood of Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, was hazy like fog, as she was a victim of school violence. It was the fog that saved her from taking her life that day, and she now stands before her perpetrators with intentions that are unpredictable like fog. Her life was like a polar night where there was complete darkness.

Joo Yeo Jung: warm winter and a scalpel

Joo Yeo Jung, played by Lee Do Hyun, had been living in a bubble all his life. After experiencing a nightmarish incident, he reaches the bitter winter of his life.

A scalpel is a tool used to save people’s lives, but it can also be used as a cold blade. After seeing the scars on Dong Eun’s body, he decides to become a butcher who dances with the scalpel.

Kang Hyeon Nam: a fierce ocean wave

Kang Hyeon Nam, played by Yeom Hye Ran, is like a fierce ocean wave. She, who endures the brutal violence of her own husband, becomes a huge fearsome wave for Dong Eun.

Park Yeon Jin: a white night

Park Yeon Jin, played by Lim Ji Yeon, has lived a life like a white night where darkness never came. No matter how badly she misbehaved, a bright light was always there to protect her. However, the dark secret hidden in the light is about to be revealed.

Ha Do Young: a go chessboard

Ha Do Young, played by Jung Sung Il, saw life like a chessboard. Born with privilege, he has always had the black stones, which have an advantage over white in the game of Go, in life. However, things change as Dong Eun steps into his life.

Jeon Jae Joon: the superiority

Jeon Jae Joon, played by Park Sung Hoon, has always been living his life as a top dog. One day, he finds something so precious that he must have. Will his supreme life be able to grant him what he wants?

the glory season 2
Credit: Netflix
Meaning Behind Title

Writer Kim Eun Sook revealed the meaning of the show’s title at its recently held press conference. She shared, “I read a lot of posts written by the victims of violence while thinking of the show’s title. All they wanted was a sincere apology from the perpetrators. I had to think about what a sincere apology could do and why it is so important as I have never been in that place,” she stated.

“Then I realized that it’s not about achieving something. It’s about recouping what has been lost, like one’s dignity, honor and glory. An apology makes things even, and when things get even, that’s when one can move on,” she added

Things to Look for in Season 2

1. Wealthy and powerful men Ha Do Young and Jeon Jae Joon will clash over things that are precious to them.
2. Will the perpetrators be able to keep their secrets from others? The truth behind the death of another school bullying victim Yoon So Hee (played by Lee So Yi) remains to be revealed.
3. Dong Eun meticulously plots her revenge in Season 1, and her revenge has just begun. Will she be able to deliver it successfully to the end?

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