Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Personally Apologizes for the Low-Wage Controversy

kang min kyung controversy
kang min kyung controversy
Credit: CJ E&M

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung apologized for offering and paying meager wages to those working for her online apparel store. 

On January 11th, the singer said, “I’m being honest with you as the company’s CEO. I would like to reiterate that the job listing for the experienced position was accidentally posted.”

Her apparel company Avie Muah posted a job post seeking new customer service employees with experience. However, the annual salary was advertised to be 25 million KRW ($19,700) for a degree holder with three to seven years of experience. But the criticism continued even after she explained what had happened. 

She said, “I heard that the $19,700 salary is too low even for fresh out of college people. It initially did not come to my mind that paying such a low salary could degrade the value of those who dream of pursuing the same kind of career path. From now on, we will adjust the starting salary to $24,074 for all new employees willing to work for the company.”

Kang Min Kyung further stated, “I didn’t know that using expensive desks and gas stoves would become controversial. I learned that I need to be extra careful and considerate to run a company as a celebrity. I will try my best to become a more mature person.”

“Our employees are having a hard time as the company receives excessive attention. If you take your time and wait, I will make gradual progress in the welfare and treatment of our employees,” she added. 

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