Jisoo Opens Her Personal YouTube Channel and Says She Will Donate All Proceeds

blackpink jisoo
blackpink jisoo
Credit: Jisoo’s Youtube Channel

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo opened her own Youtube channel titled “Happiness Jisoo 103%” and uploaded her first vlog video, “LONDON vlog,” on January 3rd. The clip instantly hit 2 million views in just 8 hours, proving her worldwide popularity.

The clip shows the singer filming a vlog during one of BLACKPINK’s European concerts. It starts with her walking on a treadmill, saying, “I came to the gym after the concert to stay fit and lose weight.”

While roaming around the streets of London, the celebrity seemed a little worried about carrying around the camera to film herself. She asked Lisa if she was doing it the right way and her bandmate reassured her that she was doing it correctly.

She then showed a drink that Lisa had fixed for her at a Korean restaurant and said, “The one and only social butterfly in our group, Lisa, made this for me not to fall behind the trend.”

The star also shared her daily life in London the next day by visiting places such as Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and London’s Soho.

She concluded the clip by saying, “All earnings from channel ‘Happiness Jisoo 103%’ will be donated to those in need. I hope everyone’s happiness index goes higher.”

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