Go Youn Jung and Lee Jae Wook Share a Passionate Kiss in ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow’

go yoon jung lee jae wook
go yoon jung lee jae wook
Credit: tvN

The sweet on-screen kiss between Lee Jae Wook and Go Youn Jung in tvN’s Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow drew explosive reactions from viewers.

The seventh episode has Jin Bu Yeon (played by Go Youn Jung) and Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) confirming each other’s feelings.

Jang Wook has a hard time coping with the absence of Bu Yeon amid growing feelings for her. He then realizes why he has missed her so much. He goes, “When the light is on, I am myself. It is clear to me that I must send you back as I promised. But I’m not myself when the light goes off. I just miss you so much. That’s why I came to see you.” To which Bu Yeon answers, “I turned it off,” as she kisses him after blowing wind from her mouth at him.

go yoon jung lee jae wook
Credit: tvN

Their love for each other continues into Episode 8. However, the real owner of the body appears in front of her. Young Jin Bu Yeon says, “I see you have finally realized who you really are. What a shame. If you found it out after I retrieved all of my divine powers, you would have been able to leave with no sadness. Thanks to you, my body stayed whole without running wild, and I have regained most of my powers. You will have to leave this body soon, for it is not your own.” After recalling all the memories, Jin Bu Yeon says goodbye to Jang Wook.

Go Youn Jung and Lee Jae Wook’s kiss scene made headlines after the episode aired. Users showed enthusiastic reactions and wrote, “The directing is insanely good,” “They nailed the scene,” “A legendary kiss scene,” “It’s so good,” “It is quite racy” and “So hot.”

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