From Friends to Lovers, IU and Lee Jong Suk’s Love Story

lee jong suk and iu relationship
lee jong suk and iu relationship
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IU and Lee Jong Suk‘s 10-year history has caught the attention.

These two, now lovebirds, met when they became hosts of SBS’s music show Inkigayo. But at the time, there were rumors of their feud, and the actor appeared on SBS’s Hwasin: Controller of the Heart in 2013 to clear the air. To the question, “Is it true that you and IU never spoke a word to each other in the greenroom?” Lee Jong Suk answered, “We’ve never shared any personal talk.”

He went on, “IU said we put on special makeup to set the show apart from other music shows. We tried all kinds of things and that annoyed me. Everyone loved IU because she was this lovely ‘national sister,’ but I found her a bit hateful. But I was sad when we left the show.” He added, “But now, she is one of the few friends I have.”

IU, who appeared on the same show afterward, commented, “I had no idea that Lee Jong Suk hated it. I apologized to him via texts.”

After his discharge from the military, Lee Jong Suk’s description of his “dream girl” became very specific, and a lot of it reminded people of the singer. In February, he had an interview for ELLE Korea’s YouTube content, and he said, “I want someone who’s wise, solid, respectful, and above all, cute.” Then in another video content, Lee Jong Suk chose IU’s “Winter Sleep” as the most-played song on his playlist and even sang IU’s “The Meaning Of You” at his fan meeting. Of course, he was also spotted at IU’s concert.

At the same time, IU attended Lee Song Suk’s younger brother’s wedding in October, and the clips of her singing at the event were released online.

Eventually, the story that we see in romance novels actually happened. Holding the grand prize trophy at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, Lee Jong Suk mentioned his “special person” in his acceptance speech – and this person was none other than IU. It certainly was a heartfelt, special love letter read publicly. The next day, on December 31st, the two admitted to their relationship.

On the first day of 2023, they both left a lengthy message to their fans. IU showed her affection for her boyfriend. “I’m growing my feelings with an old colleague of mine as we rely on each other,” she wrote. “He’s supported me for a long time and always told me that I’m awesome. He’s a reliable yet cute man who’s shown me his sincere encouragement.”

Lee Jong Suk wrote, “After being friends for a long time, we finally became an item. She was always this strange girl who always took up a part in my heart. She’s always been my ‘Kang Dan Yi’ (the female lead in drama Romance Is a Bonus Book). She’s younger than me but feels more mature than me, and at the same time, makes me want to protect her.”

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