‘The Fabulous’ Star Minho Says He Can Never Be Friends with His Ex

minho shinee ex girlfriend
minho shinee ex
Credit: Netflix

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On the 27th, Minho sat down for an interview to talk about his new Netflix series The Fabulous.

The Fabulous follows the four best friends as they chase their dreams in the competitive fashion world while juggling demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas, and wild nights in the town. In the drama, Minho plays photographer Ji Woo Min, who slowly changes after meeting his ex Ji Eun (Chae Soo Bin).

To play the role, he had to be close to Chae Soo Bin. “Because (our roles) are old friends and ex, we had to know everything about each other. So the first thing we had to do was get close,” he recalled. “At first, we were both so awkward and shy around each other, but we really tried hard to grow closer.” He went on, “But later, we became such good friends that we chatted so much that the director had to stop us.”

Talking about Woo Min and Ji Eun’s relationship, Minho said, “I think it’s impossible to be friends with an ex in real life. So I filmed, thinking that they actually like each other but are fighting to keep their pride.” He then added, “Personally, I think going from friends to lovers is possible, but becoming friends or reuniting with exes is impossible.”

He then talked about how his view on love changed after reaching his 30s. “I think I felt a lot of emotions that I didn’t feel when I was younger after I turned 30,” he committed. “In the past, I could date someone even if we had just one thing in common out of ten things on my list, but now, I can’t start (a relationship) if just one of those ten things doesn’t click. I am feeling, ‘I’m slowly changing. I’m becoming an adult.'”

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