Shocking Conversations Between LOONA Members and Blockberry Creative CEO Revealed

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Former reporter Lee Jin Ho claimed that there had been a conflict between Chuu and other LOONA members in his new Youtube video uploaded on December 22nd.

The former reporter released a transcript where a LOONA member had a conversation with Blockberry Creative CEO over the phone. She complained, “Chuu said she is leaving. Other members are done with the filming as they had already shot one or two scenes each. We had a group dance, but now she’s leaving. We practiced the choreography with 12 members, but now we have to fix the choreography suited for 11 people. We were informed of it out of the blue and had to follow the situation. I think it doesn’t make sense at all.”

Lee Jin Ho stated, “Settlement issues should be dealt with between Chuu and her agency. However, the dispute made other members suffer damage as well. The problem happened right when they were about to film the group dance. They couldn’t even film the last scenes. When a problem arose, the members had no choice but to stand helplessly by. It signifies that all of the harm was returned to the members.”

“Because Chuu was a popular member who could even change the group schedule, the other members hesitated to speak up. Some of Chuu’s family members even personally messaged them to interfere with the filming schedules. Her mother reportedly called them out by their names and got involved in their business meetings,” the YouTuber added.

Meanwhile, Chuu is staying silent regarding the allegations of her power abuse.

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