Hyun Bin on Playing Different Roles, Being a Perfectionist, His New Movies, and More

hyun bin new movie
hyun bin new movie
Credit: Esquire Korea

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Hyun Bin exuded his masculine charm in the new pictorial for Esquire Korea.

In the interview that followed the photoshoot, the actor opened up about his acting life. “I took a break before the release of Confidential Assignment 2: International. And during that time, I thought about how I approach my characters,” Hyun Bin shared. “For the new movie Harbin (literal title) that I’m preparing now, I’m trying to approach the character in a slightly different way than usual.”

Having put his name on some of the globally acclaimed projects, Hyun Bin has enjoyed syndrome-like popularity. Regarding it, the actor replied, “I always think that I shouldn’t dwell on popularity since the public’s attention on me can go away anytime.”

hyun bin new movie
Credit: Esquire Korea
hyun bin new movie
Credit: Esquire Korea

He then went on to talk about his new movie The Point Men. “I thought a whole lot while filming The Point Men. I was particularly influenced by Hwang Jung Min,” he recalled. The actor talked about what being an actor means to him. “Actors perform and get evaluated for their work,” he commented. “Repeating the familiar story is no fun for the audience and viewers as well as actors, so I try to find something new. As that ‘newness’ increases, I fear more, but I want to keep taking challenges. That’s what motivates me.”

A lot of his co-workers explained that Hyun Bin is a perfectionist. “I can’t say that myself, but I want to be a perfectionist when it comes to work,” he said. “An actor can’t work by himself, so I try to minimize the mistake.”

When asked what his goal is for 2023, Hyun Bin answered, “I hope The Point Men, which is about to hit the screen, will receive love from many audiences. I hope that I’ll finish Harbin without problems. And I wish that the things I’ve done well this year will continue onto next year.”

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