3 Things to Look for in Upcoming TVING Fantasy Series ‘Island’

island cha eun woo
island cha eun woo
Credit: Netflix

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TVING original drama Island follows the journey of characters who have the destiny to fight against the evil that is trying to destroy the world. Ahead of its release on the 30th, TVING revealed three things to look forward to in this highly-anticipated fantasy action series.

#Series Based on Legendary Comic Books

Island is a modern reinterpretation of the legends and tales of the beautiful island of Jeju.

The original comic book of the same name is the work of two legends Yun In Wan and Yang Kyung Il. It got remastered into webtoon 19 years after its publication in 1997, gaining popularity once again.

#Thrilling Battles with Monsters on the Mysterious Land

Welcome To Dongmakgol and Fabricated City director Bae Jong was tabbed as the helmer of the series.

“The energy and beautiful scenery of Jeju Island are mingled with monsters, creating a strange mood. Jeju Island’s mysteriousness was added to the strong and stimulating aspect of the original work, creating an oriental and mythological vibe,” the director shared. “The present and the past; the urban and wilderness; monsters and humans – elements that do not seem to go well together will harmonize and collide, giving off an energy unique to Island. You’ll find these conflicting aspects will provide an interesting experience.”

#Perfect Chemistry of Actors

At the center of Island is Kim Nam Gil as Ban, who’s protected the world from evil for thousands of years. Ban confronts his tragic fate of living as a being that is not a human nor an immortal. 

Lee Da Hee plays Won Mi Ho, a granddaughter of a chaebol family and a teacher. Being unaware of her destiny, she comes to Jeju Island, only to be attacked by monsters. But her fate leads to a fateful encounter with Ban.

Then there is Cha Eun Woo. He plays Yohan, the youngest exorcist with the power of God, who gets dispatched to Jeju Island and gets involved with Ban and Won Mi Ho.

Source: TVING

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