DKZ’s Jaechan Heavily Under Fire for Subscribing YouTuber Who Spreads Malicious Rumors about Idols

dkz jaechan issue
dkz jaechan issue

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DKZ’s Jaechan became a hot potato when it was revealed that he was a subscriber to “Sojang,” a controversial YouTube channel that spreads malicious rumors about celebrities – mostly K-pop Idols.

Recently, the list of Jaechan‘s YouTube subscriptions was shown on the camera while he was conducting a live broadcast via V Live. The channel that caught everyone’s attention was “Sojang” which constantly spread malevolent rumors about idols. Its favorite targets include BTS, IVE (especially Jang Wonyoung).

dkz jaechan issue
Credit: V Live

Not only that, “Sojang” once released a video that explained DKZ fellow member Munik’s suspension of activities in a very controversial and provocative manner.

After the controversy arose, Jaechan wrote an explanation, “It’s kept being brought up, so I’m addressing it once and for all. I didn’t know what type of channel it was, and I don’t usually subscribe or like YouTube channels, so I wasn’t even aware of it.” He went on, “I realized I’ve unknowingly pressed the subscribe buttons to most of the channels except for a few, so now I’ve unsubscribed them. I apologize for acting carelessly and will be more cautious from now on.”

However, K-pop fans are not so believing of his words.

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