IU Finally Meets Her All Time Favorite Singers and K-pop Legend g.o.d

iu palette show guest god
iu palette show guests
Credit: IU’s Palette

Legendary 1st generation idol group g.o.d guest-starred in the seventh episode of IU’s palette.

IU revealed how she became a big fan of them. She said, “I fell in love with you guys while watching g.o. d’s Baby Nursery Diary and am still in love.” The group’s members responded, “I know that you came to our concert before. She is one of the most accomplished fans of ours. We are also a big fan of hers.” 

When IU asked what song each member would choose to listen to if he were to come to their concert as an audience, the members chose “Road,” “An Ordinary Day,” “Lies” and “One Candle” while IU chose “0%.”

The members also gave a piece of heartfelt advice to younger singers who are walking the same path they’ve traveled: “If you don’t forget why you wanted to be a singer, how you got to where you are now, the hard time you’ve been through, you will last longer. It involves luck and hard work too, but always remember that it involves luck, people and fans. You should not forget them.”

Towards the end, IU and g.o.d had time to sing each other’s songs. The soloist went first by singing the original version of “An Ordinary Day.” After listening to her song, g.o.d members jokingly said, “We should give this song to her.”

The group performed IU’s song “Blueming,” and the singer loved it. “Hearing the song with that powerful voice you have was amazing. I was so touched by your performance in so many ways. I really loved your version of “Blueming.” 

Lastly, the members expressed their affection for their fans by sharing, “I want this mutual relationship to last forever for 30 years, 40 years or even 50 years.”

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