Curated Playlist: 10 Best K-pop Songs That Will Keep You Warm on a Winter’s Day

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Most K-Pop songs focus on delivering powerful performances, but their albums sometimes include soothing and relaxing songs that put our hearts at ease. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at ten sweet K-pop tracks that go along with the romantic year-end vibe in this cold, chilly winter.

BTS – Blue & Grey (2020)

BTS’ “Dynamite” catapulted the group into superstardom. Since then, they have comforted many hearts through their mini album BE by sharing a hopeful message of ‘Spring always comes back after the dark days of winter.’ V’s self-composed song “Blue & Gray” is a track with beautiful guitar riffs that vividly shows the sentimental voices of each member. The song is about anxiety, depression and the need for love and support in the midst of hardships. It’s a good song to play at the end of the year while looking back at the year that’s gone by.

SEVENTEEN – Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night (2021)

“Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night” is on SEVENTEEN’s eighth EP Your Choice and is participated by the group’s vocalists Seungkwan, DK, Woozi, Joshua and Jeonghan. Like the title suggests, the lyrics are about a sincere love confession. The warm and soft sound blends well with the beautiful voices of the five members.

Red Velvet – Moonlight Melody (2017)

“Moonlight Melody” is the last track on Red Velvet’s second studio album Perfect Velvet and is considered the most well-polished song on the compilation. This song adds a warm finishing touch to their modern and chic collection themed under ‘velvet.’ This ending song involves many more acoustic sounds than any other Red Velvet song and goes well with the lyrics reminiscing about the long-gone past love. “Take It Slow” by the same composer is also a must-hear.

ONF – Your Song (2022)

“Your Song” is the title track of the special album that ONF had put out before enlisting in the military. The song is full of love and sincerity as it is dedicated to their fanbase, known collectively as FUSEs. It sends the listeners on a daydreaming journey as members sing, ‘If we are connected through the song, then we can meet each other beyond time and space.’

aespa – ICU (2022)

“ICU” is a song of a completely different style from aespa’s previous releases. The track is accompanied by sweet guitar riffs and piano, and their intense signature sounds are nowhere to be found on this track. In this unique song, they deliver a warm and affirming energy instead of their iconic KWANGYA worldview. The song gives you a chance to appreciate the voice of each and every member of the team.

DAY6 – Days Gone By (2018)

“Days Gone By” is the title track of DAY6’s fourth mini album Remember Us: Youth Part 2, and is a song that brings the 80s synth-pop sounds to life. The lyrics capture the theme of youth and sing about having ‘no regrets’ about the bygone past. It is a great song to listen to as you wrap up the year 2022.

NCT127 – Promise You (2021)

“Promise You” is a song from NCT127’s third full-length album Sticker, which will put you right into the mood for concerts and their emotional finales. Taeil and Do Young’s warm voices in the intro set the tone for the whole song, and the refreshing yet relaxing synth sounds harmonize with the strong beat. The track is the most soothing, easy-to-listen-to piece out of all NCT127’s songs.

TWICE – When We Were Kids (2022)

“When We Were Kids” is the last song on TWICE’s EP BETWEEN 1&2. Written by Da Hyun, the song recalls the pure heart and early days of their career. You can find a new charm of the group through this medium-tempo ballad song, which is different from their usual bright and lively dance pops.

GIRLS’ GENERATION – Paper Plane (2022)

“Paper Plane” is the ending track of Girls’ Generation’s seventh studio album FOREVER 1, which they dropped to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut. The paper planes used in the 2007 “Into The New World” music video became the new theme of the song, and the song captures the emotional bond that identifies the act. The part where they sing in harmony gives you the feel of a warm cheer for our journey into the future.

JONGHYUN – Our Season (2017)

“Our Season” is a song included in JONGHYUN’s album The Collection: Story Op.2 and is known as a must-listen-to track among fans on a cold winter’s day. The lyrics sing about how one can make the winter warm by staying on each other’s sides. Perhaps a warm consolation is what artist Jonghyun wanted to portray through this song. His heartfelt message is well-contained in this track.


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