Dispatch Claims Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Used Corporate Card for Personal Uses

hook entertainment ceo
hook entertainment ceo
Credit: tvN

Dispatch raised suspicion that Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin-young personally used a corporate card.

According to Dispatch, Kwon is the VVVVIP of the Louis Vuitton store. She and her friends shopped, ate, and chatted in the lounge on the third floor. How was that even possible? The answer is the corporate card. Kwon was allowed to use 80 million won (about $60,730) per month – this is 40 times more than what was given to Lee Seung Gi’s team.

hook entertainment ceo
Credit: Dispatch

The card transaction history that Dispatch acquired showed that Kwon spent about 2.8 billion won (about $2.1 million) over six years, from January 2016 to July 2022. During that period, she bagged about 2.6 billion won (about $1.9 million) in annual salary. The CEO even registered her younger sibling as a (fake) employee of the agency and provided more than 400 million won (about $304,000). Her mother was also given 5 million won (about $3,800) every month.

On January 1st of 2016, the “Hook” family celebrated New Year’s morning in Japan. Director B posted a picture of noodles they had at the Andaz Hotel in Tokyo, praying that things would go smoothly in the coming year. Accommodation for New Year’s trip was about 11 million won (about $8,400), and the crew paid it with Kwon’s corporate card. That year, she spent about 24 million won (about $18,000) in hotel expenses – all with her company card.

In the past seven years, Kwon spent over 200 million won (about $152,000) on hotels around the world. Of course some of her travels were for business purposes, but there were more “private trips” than business trips. The proof of her embezzlement was spotted in the company directors’ posts.

hook entertainment ceo
Credit: Dispatch

Despite all her splurges, Kwon resented spending money on Lee Seung Gi‘s snacks. She texted Lee Seung Gi’s manager to “induce” the singer into spending his own money. While spending 172 million won (about $131,000) for her own meals (used the corporate card 1,129 times) and 42 million won (about $32,000) for daily necessities (690 times), she made Lee Seung Gi pay for his own snacks.

But one thing that must be pointed out at this point is the terms of the contract. Hook signed a 7:3 contract on the condition that they pay for Lee Seung Gi’s living expenses. This means that the less they spend on Lee Seung Gi’s snacks, the more money the company can spend.

Dispatch also discovered cyber money payment details in Kwon’s corporate card transactions. She spent 780,000 won (about $590) in 2019, 90,000 won (about $70) in 2020, and 1.59 million won (about $1,200) in 2022. The CEO also bought gold with the company card. At the same time, she made Hook staff run all kinds of errands for her.

This glorious life that she and the directors posted on their social media was made with someone else’s sweat.

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