Which K-pop Idols Are Taking the College Scholastic Ability Test and Which Are Not?

csat korea idol

Which K-pop stars will be going to college in 2023?

csat korea idol
Credit: WAKEONE, Maroo Entertainment, C9 Entertainment

Today at 8:40 AM KST, the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) was held, and many idol stars who are currently in their senior year in high school headed to the test sites.

Kep1er’s Youngeun and Huening Bahiyyih; Weeekly’s Lee Jaehee; GHOST9’s Lee Jin Woo; BAE173’s Doha, Dohyon, and Bit; ATBO’s Kim Yeonkyu, Won Bin, Jeong Seunghwan; EPEX’s Baekseung and A-Min headed to the school to take the test. In particular. Doha, Baekseung, and A-Min showed their enthusiasm for studying by attending a regular high school instead of the art high schools that most idols go to.

csat korea idol

However, an increasing number of idols are choosing their career over the school.

Among the girl K-pop stars, NewJeans’ Minji; LIGHTSUM’s Juhyeon and Yujeong; STAYC’s Yoon and J; IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and Liz; NMIXX’s Jinni and Bae; woo!ah!’s Lucy and Minseo; Weeekly’s Jihan are not taking the exam. As for the boy idols, DKB’s Harry June; ENHYPEN’s Jungwon; MCND’s Win; TREASURE’s Park Jeong Woo also chose not to attend college.

An insider told Sports Seoul, “As the prejudice against academic background has been blurred than in the past and the status of K-pop has risen, it’s believed that it’s more advantageous to focus on building their domestic and international popularity at the ‘right age’ for activities.”

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