Kwak Sun Young and Noh Sang Hyun Share a Hot Passionate Kiss in ‘Behind Every Star’

Behind Every Star episode 4
Behind Every Star episode 4
Credit: tvN

The passionate kiss scene between Noh Sang Hyun and Kwak Sun Young in Episode 4 of Behind Every Star is sending viewers into a frenzy.

The story reveals that Chun Jae In (played by Kwak Sun Young), the management team leader of Method Entertainment, and Lee Sang Wook (Noh Sang Hyun), the head of the inspection team at the Seoul Regional Tax Office, have met each other through a dating app.

In the latest episode, Lee Sang Wook visited Method Entertainment for a tax inspection and encountered Jae In. He gave her the cold shoulder as he did not have any good impression of her, but she found it interesting as he avoided her too frantically.

The two later exchanged subtle flirtations on the rooftop and ended up sharing a hot passionate kiss as they failed to resist their passionate urges.

When she pulled him by his tie and swooped in for a kiss, he jumped on her as if he could no longer resist his feelings for her. The two further created a naughty mood as she was seen loosening her tie to kiss him better.

After watching the scene, viewers rushed to the comment section and wrote, “It’s a little too passionate for a daytime show,” “They are obviously outside, but I feel like they will get a room soon,” “Why is she loosening her tie?” and “ That is the tvN kiss scene.”

Some viewers were also surprised to find out that Noh Sang Hyun starred in Apple TV series Pachinko as Isak.

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