The late Lee Ji Han’s Mother Condemns Those Responsible for the Itaewon Crowd Surge

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The late Lee Ji Han’s mother strongly condemned those responsible for the Itaewon crowd surge.

The mother told BBC Korea that she cannot believe her son’s passing. “I still keep the lights on and turn on the heater in my son’s room, as I don’t want him to sleep in a cold room,” she said in despair. “I can hear him calling me, saying, ‘Mom, mom,'”

She continued, “The police called me to confirm if I’m his mother. They said he was in the hospital, so I rushed there only to see my baby lying on the cold bed, not breathing.”

Describing the horrors of the night, she said, “He died on October 30th at 12:30 AM. He called for help on October 29th at 06:34 PM. How many hours have they wasted? How many young souls have died due to their negligence? They could have saved them all. No one should have lost their life on that night.”

The mother strongly stressed that everyone in the Yongsan-gu District Office and everyone responsible for the accident, including the police commissioner, superintendent, mayor, minister, and prime minister, should be equally subjected to investigation. “The only thing that the president can do for the bereaved families is to bring justice to the victims of the terrible accident,” said the mourning parent.

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