BTS’ Jin Introduces 10 Items He Can’t Live Without

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BTS’ Jin revealed some of his favorite items.

Before getting into talking about the 10 things he can’t live without, he showed his love for his members. “The coolest people to me have to be our BTS members,” he shared. “I don’t think there’s anyone as cool as them.”

One of the items he shared was a gaming keyboard. Choosing V as the member who’s best at playing games, he explained, “Even if he hasn’t played the game that much, he’ll understand the game really fast.” He then added, “I’m just someone who enjoys gaming. I’m not good.” The member who’s worst at gaming, according to Jin, was J-Hope.

Jin later introduced Thon Browne pants. “The thing I like the most about this brand is there’s something so simple about it,” he shared. “My fashion philosophy is ‘If you spend money on clothes, make sure it has a big brand on it.’ Because then it’s clear you spent money.”

The artist then talked about his belief in fashion. “If I had to name something that inspired my fashion, it’d be the feeling of just not wanting to be bothered. I actually don’t really put that much thought into what I wear.” He then added, “The reason is that the most important feature of fashion, my handsome face, is complete. Clothes are just add-ons,” giving a big laugh. The pants even had a hole, proving how often Jin wore them.

Additionally, Jin introduces items such as limited edition tennis back and racket, his favorite LV bag, wallet and slides, “Good Day” pajamas that he designed, his Samsung phone, and supplements.

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