Bae In Hyuk and Han Ji Hyun’s ‘Cheer Up’ Ratings Rise for Its 6th Episode

cheer up drama
cheer up drama
Credit: SBS

SBS’ Cheer Up soared to new heights last night and scored an average nationwide rating of 3.2 percent for its sixth episode.

Cheer Up is a campus mystery romance series that follows a college cheerleading squad whose golden days are long gone and is now on the verge of disbanding.

Amid the shrinking popularity of shows set in college on the South Korean small screen, Cheer-up made a bold casting choice by giving rookie actors a starring role. Unfortunately, as a result, the show has not been doing well on TV, recording an average viewership rating of 2 percent.

However, certain drama fans are becoming madly in love with the show as it features a heart-fluttering romance of young and beautiful college students. Many left great comments on the portrayal of the lively and feisty youths who sometimes have to be practical and rational with their life. Complex emotions between characters — Do Hae Yi (played by Han Ji Hyun) and Park Jung Woo (Bae In Hyuk), being drawn to each other, Jin Seon Ho (Kim Hyun Jin), having a crush on Hae Yi, Hae Yi’s ex-boyfriend (Eun Hae Seong) and Park Jung Woo’s first love (Park Bo Yeon) — are making the show more interesting and relatable with a sprinkle of sweet romance.

Episode 6 showed Park Jung Woo realizing his feelings for Do Hae Yi. He was seen looking for Hae Yi who suddenly disappeared during a get-together after work. When she shows up in front of him, he said with a sigh of relief, “Please, don’t make me worry about you,” and hugged her. Meanwhile, Jin Seon Ho confessed his feelings to Do Hae Yi. 

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