Choi Soo Young and Yoon Park Show Off Their Close Chemistry at Table Read for New Rom-Com Drama

choi soo young new drama
choi soo young new drama
Credit: MBC

Please Send a Fan Letter has unveiled a glimpse behind the scenes of its first script reading.

The upcoming drama is a romantic comedy about an actress who faces the biggest crisis in her life and a man who writes fake fan letter replies to protect his daughter’s pure heart. The show’s script won the Best Picture Award at the MBC Drama Script Competition for its inspiring theme and strong plot structure.

Choi Soo Young plays top star Han Kang Hee, who faces the biggest crisis in her life due to a fan letter. She is a confident and lovely woman with a pure heart.  

Yoon Park plays Bang Jung Suk, a single father raising an ill daughter after quitting his job as a corporate lawyer. He is a warm and kindhearted character who wants to make his daughter’s wishes come true.

The production team shared, “We had an amazing first table read, all thanks to the great chemistry between the cast members. We will do our best to keep this spirit alive throughout the series. I believe that the drama will bring excitement and wonder to many viewers. Please stay tuned for the upcoming show!”

Meanwhile, Please Send a Fan Letter is set to premiere on November 26th.

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