‘Bad Prosecutor’ Episode 2 Recap: Do Kyung Soo Stops an Airplane With a Single Phone Call

Credit: KBS

In KBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama Bad Prosecutor, Do Kyung Soo plays a devilish, insane prosecutor named Jin Jung.  

The second episode had Jin Jung being assigned to the Civil Affairs Office against his will. Despite the unwanted circumstances, he keeps investigating the Seocho-dong murder and the connection between Lee Jang Won (played by Choi Kwang Il) and the deputy prosecutor. And in the meantime, Yoo Jin Cheol (Shin Seung Hwang) takes off to Shanghai, and Jin Jung notices it. Jung goes, “Let me do something crazy,” and stops an airplane from taking off by falsely reporting a bomb threat on the plane. He also managed to bring in Yoo Jin Cheol, who took a girl as hostage.

Viewers were wondering what happened to Jin Jung, as he was spotted under the stand where Lee Jang Won made his speech for his inauguration instead of the space he was locked in before repatriation. The episode ended with Jung smiling as he successfully indicted Lee Jang Won as a prime suspect in the Seocho-dong murder after calling out the prosecution organization for corruption.

Do Kyung Soo convincingly portrayed his character who strives to root out corruption. He is currently receiving rave reviews for depicting his character with his trustworthy voice, great diction and dreamy eyes.

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