Why White Hackers and IT Experts Say It’d Be Impossible to Find the Person Who Leaked Jennie and V’s Pics

jennie and v photo
jennie and v photo
Credit: Jennie Instagram, Big Hit Music

YG Entertainment has stated that they’ll all possible legal action against the person who leaked Jennie‘s private photos. However, experts predicted that the probability of arrest of the leaker is very low.

On the 3rd, Lee Jin Ho, former entertainment reporter and YouTuber, talked about the recent controversy over Jennie and V‘s photo leaks. “I’ve checked with famous white hackers and IT experts on whether the first leaker of Jennie’s photos will be caught, but I got a skeptical answer.”

The reason is that the hacker used Twitter and Telegram as a way to leak photos. The hacker mainly used Telegram for their job, but the platform is famous for never disclosing user information. Even during the “N Room” case, Telegram refused to hand over the data despite the request of the investigation agency.

Lee added, “Some might think that it’d be possible to obtain data since Jennie is a global star, but even the Hollywood stars have difficulties because the leakers of their private photos were not identified.” And even if Telegram hands over the info, if the hacker signed up using a different email and VPN, it’s difficult to pinpoint the culprit. Explaining that there’s a reason the leaker so boldly told the agency to sue them, Lee commented, “Experts said that it’s very unlikely that the hacker went so bold in leaking the photos without knowing anything.”

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