‘Little Women’ Episode 8 Recap: Kim Go Eun Finds Out The Person Behind Choo Ja Hyun’s Death

little women ep 8
little women ep 8
Credit: tvN

The latest episode of tvN’s Little Women had Choi Do Il (played by Wi Ha Jun) turned out to be on Oh In Joo’s (Kim Go Eun) side.

In episode 8, Park Jae Sang (Um Ki Joon) orders Choi Do Il to murder Oh In Joo and he reassures Park Jae Sang that he would take action in Singapore. After, Oh In Joo heads for Singapore to track down the whereabouts of the missing 70 billion KRW (about $51 million) with Choi Do Il, where she believes that Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun) was still alive pretending to be her.

Meanwhile, Choi Do Il convinces Oh In Joo to find the money first and stay by his side in case there might be someone behind all this situation. However, Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) and Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu) warns Oh In Joo that Choi Do Il could be dangerous. She even receives a mysterious message telling her to run away from Choi Do Il.

Believing that Jin Hwa Young is secretly helping her out, Oh In Joo finally flees from Choi Do Il with the money. On her way, she gets into a car accident but barley escapes the site and heads to Jin Hwa Young’s apartment. Surprisingly, the person who showed up was Won Sang Ah (Um Ji Won), not Jin Hwa Young. Turns out, everything was part of her secret plan, including the death of Jin Hwa Young.

Unfortunately, Oh In Joo begins to lose conscious after drinking the blue orchid tea and was about to be killed by Won Sang Ah. At that moment, In Joo takes out a gun and that Choi Do Il gave her and points at Won Sang Ah. Here, we can say that Choi Do Il actually played a big part in saving her life.

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