Ok Taecyeon Shows Off His Masculine Charm in the New Pictorial for Singles Korea

ok taecyeon new drama
ok taecyeon new drama
Credit: Singles Korea

Ok Taecyeon talked about his projects and his career in a recent interview with Singles Korea.

Perfectly pulling off black outfits as if he’s popped out of a noir movie, Ok Taecyeon showed off his masculine charm and physique. In the interview that followed the photoshoot, he talked about various things, including his recent works and his career.

“As of now, the ratio of the energy that I’m putting into my work and life is 8 to 2,” he shared. “I have no desire to rest yet. Working is so much fun now. I have high anticipation for the future that’ll come after all of the processes accumulated.”

His appearance in the movie Hansan: Rising Dragon has surprised many. “Aside from how small the role was, it was a movie that I wanted to participate in,” Ok Taeyeon shared. “The most important thing was that it was the story of Admiral Yi Sun Shin, whom I’ve encountered through various media since I was young. It was such an honor that my name was included in the ending credit.”

ok taecyeon new drama
Credit: Singles Korea

Ok Taeyeon’s new mystery thriller series Blind will premiere soon. “You normally think that the main character in a crime thriller isn’t a criminal, but when I first read the script, I even doubted the lead character Ryu Sung Joon. I found the many elements that seemed like the drama was trying to pioneer a new grammar of the genre very attractive.”

The actor then talked about the roles that became a turning point in his career. “I’ve said this multiple times, but I can’t leave out Kang Dong Hee of Wonderful Days. It was the first character that made me glad that I started acting,” Ok Taecyeon commented. “If I have to choose among the recent works, then it’ll be Vincenzo‘s Jang Han Suk. I put a lot of effort into filling the gap between intern Jang Jun Woo and psychopath Jang Han Suk. At first, it stressed me a ton, but this was a character that made me feel like I’ve upgraded in my portrayal as an actor.”

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