Yook Sungjae, Lee Jong Won, Jung Chaeyeon & Yeonwoo Talk About Their New Drama ‘The Golden Spoon’

the golden spoon kdrama
Credit: Singles Korea

Yook Sungjae, Lee Jong Won, Jung Chaeyeon, and Yeonwoo posed for Singles Korea ahead of the premiere of their new drama The Golden Spoon.

What are the key points to look for in this upcoming drama? Yook Sungjae answered, “The story unfolds over a long period of 10 years, from the characters’ high school days until they reach their 30s. So it’ll be fun to watch how the characters’ personalities and narratives gradually change.” Lee Jong Won added, “As the lives of the two characters are switched because of a golden spoon, we express how their outlook on life applies in their new lives and the emotions they feel in doing so. Seeing two sides of the characters will be a key point.” Jung Chaeyeon introduced the drama as “parents-changing adventure greed fantasy drama,” giving a glimpse into the mixed genres. Yeonwoo chose “actors’ chemistry.”

the golden spoon kdrama
Credit: Singles Korea

The actors then took turns to briefly introduce their roles. Yook Sungjae shared, “Seung Chun is spiteful in a way that he always gets what he wants, but I believe that at the root of such tendency is his love for his family. Even the extreme choice of changing parents started with the hope of pulling his family out of poverty. Of course, he has regrets and conflicts, which makes him learn and grow.” Lee Jong Won said, “Tae Yong was born into wealth. But what he truly wants is small happiness in everyday life. When his life is turned upside down, he seeks out what makes him happy.”

Jung Chaeyeon introduced Joo Hui as “a bright, cheerful girl with a strong sense of justice.” One thing that’s different about her is a distinctly different view of money from other characters. Even after being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she “doesn’t put much importance on money and has something more important than money.” Yeonwoo described Yeo Jin as “an ambitious character.” She continued, “She slowly changes after meeting Seung Chun and finding love, but her ambitions stay the same. I think she’s a character with lots of different emotions.”

Meanwhile, The Golden Spoon will premiere on MBC on September 23rd.

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