‘Big Mouth’ YoonA’s Interview: Her Role, Shocking Ending, Working with Lee Jong Suk and More

big mouth yoona
big mouth yoona
Credit: SM Entertainment

YoonA shared various stories in an interview about successfully wrapping up MBC’s Big Mouth. In the drama, she played Go Mi Ho, the wife and reliable assistant of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) after he gets falsely accused.

About her character Go Mi Ho, YoonA shared, “Among all the roles I’ve played, she was the most expressive character. She’s active, wise, responsible, and attractive. Her boldness in jumping into the case, her sense of duty as a nurse, her trust for her husband, and her love for her family – I got to show it all.”

“While playing a character like her, I was able to become more active, and sometimes, my real self came out while acting. And at times like this, I thought, ‘Oh, so I had this in me,'” she added.

Big Mouth ended by recording its all-time high ratings in the final episode. However, how it ended received mixed reactions. Go Mi Ho died because of Choi Do Ha (Kim Ju Hun), and Park Chang Ho killed him using the same method.

To which, YoonA shyly smiled as she responded, “Well, I’m dead.” But she soon continued, “I figured that Chang Ho killed Do Ha for her love for Mi Ho. Mi Ho became the victim of a situation that Do Ha had created, and it was his way of showing his love for Mi Ho by taking revenge in the same way.”

“I knew from early on because the writer told me,” she added. “The writer thought hard about it, but she eventually chose the ending where Mi Ho dies. So many people liked Mi Ho and Chang Ho, so the writer often showed her worries, saying, ‘What do I do?'”

big mouth yoona
Credit: SM Entertainment

Go Mi Ho is the second married character YoonA played following You Are My Destiny. She explained, “I thought it wouldn’t be bad to play a married woman if the husband is Lee Jong Suk. I’m just glad that people liked our chemistry.”

Though it was her first time working with Lee Jong Suk, the two are good friends, which helped a lot in their performance. “He’s an actor who makes all the details come alive, so I learned a lot from watching him. There was also this energy that came out from how comfortable we were around each other.”

From the movie Confidential Assignment 2: International and the drama Big Mouth to Girls’ Generation’s 7th full album FOREVER 1, YoonA is showing exceptional performance this year. She commented, “I’m so grateful. It feels amazing. I was able to greet fans through various fields around the same time, and all of them achieved good results, so I’m even more grateful. I think I should enjoy this time the best I can.”

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