‘BORN PINK’: BLACKPINK Members Share Their Thoughts Ahead of Their New Album Release

Credit: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK members shared their thoughts on their new album through their music label YG Entertainment.

Q1. How do you feel about releasing your new music tomorrow?

Ji Soo: I am so excited to finally release our new album as it took us so much time and effort to produce it. I’ve always wanted to repay the love and support fans have shown us, and I cannot wait to see their reactions. I think I will be looking for fan reactions as soon as�the album drops.

Q2. What was your creative process like?

Jennie: It’s always fun to work with BLACKPINK members. We constantly came up with fresh ideas, from the concept meeting to the song recording. By carefully discussing what we wanted to achieve, we could understand one another more and lay out our goals. We felt very reassured to work with YG producers who know us better than anyone else. The teamwork and synergy brought us together, and I am very satisfied with how the album came out.

Q3. What was your first impression of the title song “Shut Down”?

Lisa: We got together in the recording room and listened to the demo song. When the intro began, we just stared at each other without a word. I guess we all felt the same way that this should be our title song. While listening, I found myself imagining us performing the music. It was perfectly in line with who we are and the best kind of music we could express.

Q4. Can you talk to us more about your upcoming single “Shut Down”?

Jennie: “Shut Down” is a song that takes our artistic compatibility to the next level. The combination of classical and hip-hop music was never tried before, so it makes the song musically appealing and somewhat addictive. The witty lyrics and the catchy choreography will certainly be something to look out for. I hope we can get across the exciting impression we got when we first heard the music.

Q5. What’s the biggest difference between your first and second full-length album? Is there anything you particularly focused on during your creative process?

Ros�: If we focused more on the music itself inTHE ALBUM, we tried to express our unique identity through the upcoming album, BORN PINK. Combined with various genres, the songs in the new album are made to highlight the group’s unique color.

Q6. Would you mind giving a little spoiler about the upcoming world tour?

Ros�: I feel so rewarded every time fans show their enthusiasm for our newly released content. Many songs will be exclusively unveiled during our world tour concert, so please stay tuned! See you soon BLINKs! We miss you!

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