‘Little Women’ – Will Kim Go Eun Be Able to Find the Money and Survive?

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tvN’s Little Women is captivating viewers with its unpredictable plot. With the mystery surrounding the three sisters Oh In Ju (Kim Go Eun), Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun), and Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu) escalating, the production team revealed things to look for in the upcoming episodes.

Secret Behind the Blue Orchid
little women Kim Go Eun
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The first to notice the existence of the blue orchids was the eldest Oh In Ju. She searched through Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun)’s house to dig into the missing slush funds, and when Shin Hyun Min (Oh Jung Se) visited the house, he was petrified after seeing a blue orchid in one corner and hurried out of the house. The same kind of orchid was found at the scene of the accidents of Kim Chul Sung (Cha Yong Hak) and Shin Hyun Min.

While investigating Park Jae Sang (Um Ki Joon), Oh In Kyung realizes that he had handed a blue orchid to Kim Dal Soo (Lee Il Seop) before he committed suicide. And with the help of Ha Jong Ho (Kang Hoon), she found out that the orchid is a rare flower called “the Vietnamese ghost.”

Numerous blue orchids bloomed In the secret orchid room where Won Sang Ah (Uhm Ji Won) brought Oh In Hye with her. The person with the flowers just might be the killer. Attention focuses on the meaning behind the blue orchid that is at the center of the mystery.

Mystery Surrounding Jin Hwa Young’s Death
little women Kim Go Eun
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Believing that Jin Hwa Young would never kill herself with all that money, Oh In Ju goes out to search for the answer and comes to the conclusion that it was Shin Hyun Min who killed her. But after witnessing his death right in front of her eyes, he stops her search, worried that it might get her killed as well. But after Oh In Ju decided to go to Singapore and decide to follow the path that Jin Hwa Young took, this mystery became something that she needed to get to the bottom of to protect herself. What happened to Jin Hwa Young, who opened the door to this mystery, and will Oh In Ju be able to uncover the truth?

What’s Oh In Ju’s Next Step?
little women Kim Go Eun
Credit: tvN

To Oh In Ju, Jin Hwa Young was an “undoubted” friend. That’s why she signed a contract written in English that didn’t make any sense to her when Jin Hwa Young said that it was for her startup business. However, Jin Hwa Young opened a borrowed-name account in Oh In Ju’s name in Singapore and stole 70 billion KRW with it, living a completely different life. Oh In Ju immediately set off to Singapore to follow Jin Hwa Young’s footsteps. Will Oh In Ju be able to survive this reality where “rich people risk their capital but poor people risk their lives” as Won Sang Woo (Lee Min Woo) once said? What’s her next move?

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