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tvN’s new series Little Women, which premiered on the 3rd, is a hot topic. The perfect storm of events that swallowed up the three sisters from their ordinary lives led to an unpredictable development, drawing favorable reviews. There are three reasons why the drama has immediately captivated viewers.

Veteran Crew

The Handmaiden and Decision To Leave screenwriter Chung Seo Kyung๏ฟฝhas done her magic again. She maximized viewers’ immersion with a plot that completely overturned the flow in an instant. Vincenz producer Kim Hee Won directed the scenes that provided the “fun of watching,” and Decision To Leave art director Ryu Sung Hee๏ฟฝcreated a unique atmosphere through various objects. Music director Park Se Joon once again created an exceptional synergy with his old partner Kim Hee Won, garnering praises from viewers. Here, cinematographer Park Jang Hyuk behind WATCHER, The Crowned Clown and Our Blues added strength, completing the unique color of the show.

Actors’ Performances

Kim Go Eun can sometimes seem a bit silly, then in another moment, she’s the reliable sister of two younger sisters. She leads the play with her flawless tempo control. Nam Ji Hyun showed new charms as a rational yet warm-hearted reporter, while Park Ji Hu raised expectations as the youngest who harbors chaos behind her calm expressions.

Wi Ha Jun portrays the mysterious character Choi Do Il. Um Ki Joon and Uhm Ji Won, those living in “the highest and brightest place,” balances the tension of the play by hinting at the dark shadows behind them.

Choo Ja Hyun, who left a huge money that’ll change Oh In Ju’s (played by Kim Go Eun) life, Oh Jung Se, who became the key to the twist, Park Ji Young, the three sisters’ mother, and Song Joong Ki, who left a strong impression even with his cameo appearance, also enlivened the story.

Roaring Story

Kim Hee Won wasn’t wrong when he said, “After reading the ending scene of episode 1, I felt like I couldn’t help but shoot this scene.” The obscene amount of money brought Oh In Ju, who had been stuck in “the lowest and darkest place” because of the never-ending poverty, pain, and confusion, to the place of light at once became an exhilarating turning point. The ending of episode 2 was also impactful. Shin Hyun Min (Oh Jung Se), whom everyone believed to be the killer of Jin Hwa Young (Choo Ja Hyun), was killed by a rigged car.

Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) also reached a dead end in getting to the bottom of allegations surrounding Park Jae Sang (Um Ki Joon) when her informant died. Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu), the youngest of the Oh sisters, got on the good side of Park Jae Sang’s family by drawing for Park Hyo Rin (Jeon Chae Un). Attention focuses on where these three sisters, each holding a separate compass, will be heading.

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